PPAP BOXをつくる / ラズベリーパイのセットアップ

English follows japanese



・Raspberry Pi3 Model B 

Raspberry Pi用電源セット

・microSDHCカード 32GB  










SDカードをフォーマットする (PC作業)


NOOBSをダウンロードしてSDカードにコピーする (PC作業)










Raspbianのインストール (ラズベリーパイ作業)

ラズビアンを選んでインストールする。ラズベリーパイでインターネットを見て喜ぶ。Googleが見れる!Yahooが見れる!google chromeに似ているchromiumというブラウザに興味を持って調べると、chromeの親であることに驚く。



ラズベリーパイの誤接触やピン破損が怖いので専用のケースも買った。USBキーボドは近くのホームセンターで 800円で買うことができた。10キーや矢印キー、ファンクションキーが独立しているフルサイズのキーボードが1000円以下で買えるので驚いた。私はマウスやキーボードなど直接手に触れるモノは実物を触って買いたい。HDMIケーブルはamazonが安くて、メール便で届くので受取が楽だった。 ラズベリーパイ用のモニタ(1920x1080)を購入したが、小さすぎてセットアップには使いにくかった。あとでうまく使えたらいいなと思っている。


Making PPAP BOX / Set up Raspberry pi

I bought a raspberry pie and set up it.

What prepared

· Raspberry Pi3 Model B

· Power supply set for Raspberry Pi

· MicroSDHC card 32GB

· HDMI cable

· USB keyboard

· USB mouse

· LAN cable

· Laptops you usually use

· TV that you do not normally use

The link of amazon is at the end of the text.

Open the items 

The pouch containing the raspberry pie is cute. I am surprised that the safety guide and the quick start guide are thick, but since the same contents are written in multiple languages, the real information is small.

1st, Format the SD card (PC work)

Format the logical size adjustment "ON".

Download NOOBS and copy it to SD card (PC work)

Pi could not move by copied the folder I downloaded. the copied contents of the unzipped folder and it moved.

Physical coding of raspberry pie

Put the SD card in a raspberry pie.

Connect the raspberry pie and the TV with the HDMI cable.

Connect the USB mouse to the raspberry pie.

Connect the USB keyboard to the raspberry pie.

Connect LAN cable to raspberry pie.

Put the power plug in a raspberry pie.

When turning on the power, You will rejoice to be shown on the TV!

Installation of Raspbian (raspberry pie work)

Select the raspian and install it. First of all, I am glad to see the internet with raspberry pie. I can see Google! I can see Yahoo! Interested in browsers like chromium which resembles google chrome, I am surprised that they are parents of chrome.

After that, set Wifi and Bluetooth, make mouse and keyboard wireless. The monitor also uses Miracast to make it wireless.


Raspberry pie bought a case because it is scared of erroneous contact and pin breakage. I could buy the USB keyboard at the nearby home center for 800JPY. I was surprised because I can buy a full size keyboard with 10 keys, arrow keys, and function keys, which are independent, at 1000JPY or less. I want to buy things that directly touch the hand such as mouse and keyboard by touching the real thing. The HDMI cable in amazon is resonable, and it is easy to receive because it reaches by mail. I bought a monitor for raspberry pie (1920 x 1080), but it was too small to use for setup. I hope I can use it well later.






Raspberry Pi用電源セット(5V 3.0A)?Pi3フル負荷検証済

Raspberry Pi用電源セット(5V 3.0A)?Pi3フル負荷検証済