PPAP BOXをつくる / Maker Faire Tokyo 2017 展示イメージ

English follows japanese


来てくれた人にリンゴやパイナップルをボックスに放り込んでもらって、PPAP BOXがどう認識するか試してもらう。そして判定結果を音と画像で大げさに伝える。


Exhibit image at Maker Faire Tokyo 2017

Put a sensor module, a razpai and a tablet.

We arrange a lot of pens, pineapple and apples.

I also wear leopard patterns and sunglasses.

QR code tiles will also be displayed.


Ask people who came to bring apple and pineapple into the box and ask them to try recognition.

Transfer judgment exaggeratedly with sound and image.

"This is Pen"