PPAP BOXをつくる / パイナップルを買う

English follows Japanese






先週の後半に一生懸命書いた記事がちょっとしたミスで消えてしまったので、PPAP BOXをつくるやる気が少し落ち込んでいた。しかしMakeの神様はこのパイナップルを僕に送り、最後まで作れと言っているようだ。やれやれ。

このパイナップルはPPAP BOXが最初に認識する、記念すべきパイナップルになるだろう。パイナップルの賞味期限が来る前に、PPAP BOXを完成させることができたらいいなと思っている。


Making PPAP BOX / Buying Pinapple

If you find a "soldering iron" with milk and eggs in the neighborhood supermarket, you will be suprized. It might be a new cookware developed by Phillips, You can bake Tofu deliciously.

In a certain Michino-eki(rest area with parking), three large pineapples were sold, with locally grown radish, green onions and other vegetables. I saw it twice, but it was pineapple without doubt, no matter how many times I looked at. If there is a crop called pineapple in the countryside in Japan, that was exactly pineapple.

"Did you get this pineapple in this village?"

"No, I ordered it, I can not grow pineapple here."

I wondered who would buy such pineapple, with vegetables and mushrooms at the Michino-Eki, but when I came in the evening the remaining pineapple was one. Then I bought this last pineapple for 250 yen and brought back to the room with a big radish.

The article I wrote so hard last week has gone out with a few mistakes, so the motivation for PPAP BOX project was a bit depressed. But God of Make sends this pineapple to me and seems to say that it can be made until the end. Just great.

This pineapple will be the memorable 1st pineapple recognized by PPAP BOX. I hope I can complete the PPAP BOX before the expiration date of pineapple comes